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About the game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena released on Android and iOS in 2016. It has been developed and published by Moonton. The purpose of this game is to defeat the opposite team by reaching and destroying their base. Your team will have to fight the enemy team, as well as to defend your base. In each team there will be a total of 5 people and a roaster of heroes you can choose from. The mechanics and reliability of the game are pretty simple to comprehend and to asimilate. You will be learning quick how to man maneuver around the map, especially if you have previous experience from other MOBA games.

Mobile Legends is considered to be a top mobile game, that has been played by over millions of players. If you want to read more about the game and its features please check the official website of the game or its official forum page

About the currency

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has, as many other games, a free-of-charge and a premium currency. With these currencies, a player can purchase heroes and in game items. With our generator, you can access both the Battle Points and Diamonds, for free.

Battle points are the first currency the player’s going to meet. These will be achieved when the player’s going to win or lose a match. Most of the players use Battle Points to purchase heroes and extend their hero pool, in order to advance in skills and level.

Diamonds are the premium currency, that can be purchased via real money. It gives you easier access to heroes and items, and sometimes to even some more exclusive perks. There are other ways too in earning (small) amounts of Diamonds, such as winning consecutive battles, completing achievements, succeeding in arena contests etc.


ADVANTAGES of using our Mobile Legends Hack

> user-friendly interface

> simple, safe and secure*

> you can pick the quantity of Battle Points and/or Diamonds you wish to receive

> Battle Points and/or Diamonds will be received shortly**

> multiple time use of the Generator is allowed and possible

*we won’t be using any of your personal account information beside your in game name; the transaction of Battle Points and/or Diamonds will be under the protection of our Proxy Servers, Anti-ban scripts and our personal authorship encryption.

**If you have a problem receiving the Battle Points and/or Diamonds, please try to repeat the mobile legends hack in the following 24 hours. Success rate: 100%


What makes our Hack Generator the best out there right now?

Apart from everything mentioned so far, including the application being super safe to use and superior than others. We have also made it simple to use. Simple as in you don’t need to download it or have any particular operating system to run it. You can pursue the steps even from your mobile device as the mobile connects directly to the server without any issues, making it possible to generate the wished currency directly.

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