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About Us

We are a team of IT students, working online.We are also a fan of gaming but we all know lately that games are made pay to win.With that idea in mind we have decided to create hacks and cheats for many games and let you access them for free.We just love helping people and save a lot of their time and money.

What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to provide the users working hack generators and other free tools.Not only for gaming but other applications too.We are a believer that gaming should be free and not depended on money.Every player should start and end the game on same battle level.Gaming should be defined by skill and not how much money you spend on it.

Some common questions we always receive:

What do i need to complete verification sometimes to get the free resources.Shouldn’t this generators supposed to be free?

-Well the answer to that is simple.It is free and you are not paying for anything except a bit of your time.The system tobe sure you are not a bot trying to access and flood our website and servers.Hope it is more clear to you right now.