Design Home: Diamonds, Cash and Keys

Design Home is a mobile device game available for both the iOS and Android platform, developed by CrowdStar. If you haven’t played the game yet or you’re still at the beginning of it, you should know that it offers you the chance to decorate interior or exterior spaces with real brand furniture.

Tip! If you just started Design Home, you should manage the received Diamonds (premium currency) and Cash very carefully and not spent it on a few, very expensive items. At the beginning it’s recommend to buy cheaper items, for cash (try not to touch the diamonds!) but more varied so you can easily follow the challenges criteria (ex: Three brown items or two Wisteria items etc.)

How to earn Keys

You will need Keys to submit your challenge entries. To receive them, there is only one simple way to do it: VOTE. It might be tiring sometimes to go through all the designs that have to be voted, especially when you’re in a hurry. Try to avoid random voting, as the score will not be accurate anymore and the voting system will be unfair and incorrect.

You can also receive Keys through the “Daily Reward” (20 keys), which will allow you to submit a challenge without the need to vote and earn the Keys manually.

How to earn Cash

You can earn Cash by simply submitting challenges. The common challenges can give you up to 500 Cash.

If you are short on Cash, Diamonds, items or time, you should only focus on the Live Challenges, which are the daily ones. They reward you with up to 2,500 Cash (and cost 15 Keys) and they will have no requirements regarding your decor.

Tip! If you see a Series Event, you should try to design for it as well, as they will reward you with 1,000 Cash.

Also, Elite Events are a really nice deal: 750 Cash and 250 Diamonds, being the only challenges that reward you with the games premium currency.

How to earn Diamonds

Design Home has a user friendly earning system. It allows the player to receive free Diamonds through numerous sources.

Players can get a small amount of Diamonds through the challenge mentioned above. Besides, they can earn up to 125 Diamonds if they score a 5.00/5.00 in one of the events.

Another way to get free Diamonds is through watching videos or completing offers. Each video will reward the player with 15 Diamonds. You can earn through that roughly around 200-300 Diamonds, which is pretty sweet.

The Offers vary from 11 to over 5000 Diamonds. Usually those are available for a one time use. You can also check the the section “More rewards” to see if further offers are available.

Tip! Use Diamonds for buying decor such as paintings and plants, as those are only purchasable with premium currency. Try to avoid buying furniture with it, as Cash can cover that.

This should wrap most common tips and tricks regarding Design Home. If you have further suggestions, tips or tricks, please do not hesitate to write it in the comments below, so all of us can learn more about the game!

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