Fortnite Mobile Launch

Fortnite has just launched its Beta version for mobiles. This includes iPhone 6S and a newer version. But it also includes iPad and Android high end devices. The game had a huge success on steam and PC and decided to expand to the mobile market. This is something no one has ever done in a Battle Royale game system. With Fortnite Mobile Hack you won’t worry about purchasing V-Bucks. We have made sure you won’t be spending any money on the game. Apart from the game being free in the first place, there are purchasable resources too.

If you want Fortnite Battle Royale on your mobile today, you need to have an invite code from epic games. Another method is to get a friend to invite you or give you a redeem code.

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Fortnite Mobile Hack: What is V-Bucks generating?

If you are still curious and new to Fortnite, V-Bucks are the in-game currency. We already explained that we are providing a professional and secure Fortnite Mobile Hack to generate V-Bucks in this post. And yes, generating currency is possible as the game is still new and in Beta. There are many vulnerabilities and we exploited Fortnite’s currency system. This made our job a lot easier to provide you with the Hack Generator.

Fortnite Aimbot in Mobile

After looking deep into this matter, we have reached the conclusion that the most requested hack user for Fortnite Mobile is the Aimbot. This allows you to aim to targets automatically. So far we have not been able to recreate that. Mobile gaming is different than PC. It is a lot harder to create an Aimbot for mobile. We also do not encourage you to use Aimboting as the game creators take this very seriously. This ruins the game and it is not allowed.You will most probably get instantly banned from Fortnite mobile if caught using an Aimbot or anything similar. We would rather suggest you use the simple Fortnite mobile hack to generate V-Bucks instead.


To conclude about this game, we must say Fortnite mobile is the beginning of serious Mobile Gaming. There are many other games who have tried to bring competitive gaming to a new level but have not succeeded at the level Fortnite has.There is a bright future in this game as the Battle Royale system is the users first choice and competitions with price pools over 100$ are brought into the game. These days there are many companies that tried to make Battle Royale games on mobile but they are definitely not at this level. We also suggest to start using the Fortnite mobile V-Bucks Generator to get those crazy skins everyone loves today! You will be praised in-game and be the coolest player that is!


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